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Every Legacy begins with a spark.

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Legacy Co. We are building a Legacy of Designers, Dreamers and Thinkers. We are a collective of independent artists each leaving our own unique mark on Legacy’s many [CO] parts. Chief Curator, KC Clark, specializes in Connection. Whether it’s Coaching, Content Creation, or helping to develop Courses to aid the next generation, KC won’t stop until the right DNA is melded to achieve a Legacy that will last. Sure we do great work like most creative collectives, Content is how we pay the bills...but what separates us is how and why we do it. We believe Legacy begins with family, so every part is done through that ideology. Whether we are mentoring, collaborating on design or music, educating or connecting around a table or meal, we are building relationships that help better us as individuals but more importantly better the story that will be told when our own Legacy is left behind. Let’s start on yours.

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Join makers + storytellers who are making a difference through creativity


Collaboration is a foundational principle for The Legacy Collective. Artists are individuals with unique creative expressions. We value what sets them apart as much as how that contribution enhances the arts community at large. Creating in community stretches us beyond ourselves and provides perspectives that take our making and storytelling to new levels. Interested in learning more?

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personal AND CREATIVE coaching by artists for artists

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If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together. We believe in the power of community and one-on-one direction. Our personal and creative coaching is provided by artists for artists. We understand what it takes to start and sustain a creative life. We also understand what it takes to navigate the everyday ups and downs of your personal life. Our coaches are here to provide guidance and curate both your heart and your art. We are here to help you develop your inner and external life through active listening,  contemplative practices, and creative prompts. Learn more below and connect with a coach today!

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The art of connection is one of our core values. We are better together. We are designed for community. We seek to encourage connection among artists’ across disciplines, in order to inspire each other personally, professionally, and spiritually. Through both in-person and virtual events we are making space for the maker and the storyteller around the table. If you're looking for a community that will pull up a chair for you, call you higher, and amplify your voice you're in the right place.

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Inspirational and Educational Content For Your Heart Mind and Soul

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We are developing content to inspire and educate the creative class. We believe knowledge and experience are the gateways to wisdom and the bedrock to a life well-lived. We are all designed with the capacity to continue learning well into our golden years. We are collaborating with partners who share our passion to bring you resources that will ignite your heart, mind, and soul with a passion to create and make the world a better place.

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world-class talent at your fingertips

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Get world-class content from the collective at Legacy, Co., a full-service creative agency for brands, artists, and businesses. Whoever said leaving a Legacy had to be boring? We just so happen to be a collective of ill-compliant designers, paid day-dreamers, and ridiculous thinkers who have made a career for more than 20 years doing just that. We provide clients with a unique innovation specific to their niche to help them stand out. Check out our portfolio and connect with us!