A Blessing for Your Creative Space

As artists our creative space is important. It’s where we work out our ideas into unique expressions. It’s where we get silent and lean into the muse. It’s also where we sometimes rant and cuss because our work is going through the 💩 stage 🤬.

But most importantly it is where we embody our God-given creative nature. Where we practice our skills. Where we show up and occur. Where we learn who our art is meant to love. We created this blessing a while back for a friend and now we’re bringing it to you.

Julie had written a blessing to share with our friend Jesse on the day she christened her studio. And today we share it with you, our friends. Let it remind you of your creative heritage, your lineage, your legacy. May it breath life onto the embers of your heart, and grow into a flame. May it revive your creative longings, and inspire the truest expression, and make room for your God-given inheritance.

Enjoy, we love you!

The Blessing

I speak a blessing over your studio,
over every dream each wall and window hold.
I release the creativity to flow.
I bless you with being everything your Father created you to be,
living in fullness, being in your Father’s timing,
knowing his will, and carrying out God’s work
with honor, peace, and joy.
This is what the Father speaks over you:
“I love you, I care for you,
you are a treasure and
a blessing to the world.”
Your art is so important to him.
I bless you with a life-giving community,
to be a part of shaping a mosaic
because we need each other to get stuff done.
I pray for like-hearted, like-visioned,
like-spirited others to surround you.
A community that becomes Family.
You are God’s craftsmanship.
His masterpiece. His poem.
I bless you with child-like wonder
and never-ending imagination.
I pray for ease of effort,
for the beauty of the spirit,
and for his favor to guide your way.
You carry the fragrance of heaven.
Pour it all out on Jesus.
I bless your studio to contain
the scent of the Holy Spirit,
of passion, of excitement,
of adventure!
Your art is a fragrant offering.
I bless your studio.
I bless you, friends.
I love you.


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