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The Advent Series is a five-day meditation using movement prompts and illustrations. Each devotional is centered on Jesus and invites him into the process of inhabiting your movement in a more personal and profound way. With detailed guidelines and a pressure-free tone, these devotional dance prompts will help you press into the more that God has for you in your dance and in your relationship with him.

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Hi there!

My name is Tehillah Hartman, founder and director of Being Salt. I love helping dancers connect to the heart of God for their lives through dance. My hope is that in doing these prompts you will discover and refine your God given dance-voice with the Master of the dance. Thee are always new layers to explore and new truths to unpack with Him.

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My name is KC Clark. I'm a maker + storyteller using digital and mixed-media to depict concepts of faith. Iím a mentor and coach to artists. I founded The Legacy Collective a creative agency for makers + storytellers, and with my wife, Julie, co-founded BRIDGE + SAFEHOUSE, a home-based initiative to help creatives develop a healthy identity, explore creativity, and build a strong community.


Thank you again for attending the Advent Series: Live Dance Devotional Gathering. It was a special time for sure. For those of you who attended the live event, we are so glad you could join us. If you were unable to attend the live event last night you can watch the replay here anytime.

At the very end of our time together KC shared a visual meditation with us. He has offered to give each attendee access to these images. Use them as prompts for creative movement; in addition to revisiting the Advent Series prompts in the eBook (download a copy here).


During the creation of the Advent Series Devotional for 2020, KC felt another layer begin to develop. The merger of illustration and dance had already yielded some incredible content. But static images just didn't serve the heart of a series for dancers. We quickly set out to capture the two mediums on film. We enrolled Camille and Tyler Sutton to capture the dance, while KC ventured to the mountains of NC to capture drawings with light.

The result is a 2-minute film that explores the movement prompt from the last day of the Advent Series through movement and light. Watch this film for more encouragement during this advent Season.

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These images can be used as an additional prompt during the Advent Season. Try studying the drawings and then explore what it looks like to embody them through a form of creative movement. You can also simply look at them and ask the Lord what He is showing you. There is zero pressure here. Remember, the goal is intimacy.

The Advent Series was proudly brought to you in collaboration between Being Salt and The Legacy Collective.

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Sign up to receive "This Little Light" a 5-day devotional loosely based on the song of the same name. It focuses on the idea that every creative act is a light signaling to future generations the power of hope amidst the dark. Each day I will provide you with an opportunity for reflection along with a visual meditation from my own time reflecting on the advent season.

Available 12/11/2020 on the YouVersion Bible App.