Thoughts on Art + Collaboration

By LegacyCollectiveCo | June 18, 2021

I wanted to share some thoughts on art and collaboration. I recognize this one may sit a little different because it takes away that artist’s individuality component. But just sit with it for a minute. Art is an interesting thing. It’s a fluid relationship between the muse and the maker. Todays post is a continuation…

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A Liturgy of Rest for the Artist

By LegacyCollectiveCo | April 6, 2021

Last week The Breath and the Clay asked me to contribute a post to their weekly Sabbath post. I wanted to post it here for you to enjoy and perhaps find some hints or practices that can enhance your weekly habit of rest. I have always been a busy body. Even if my body stops…

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My Review of CoSchedule Marketing Calendar

By LegacyCollectiveCo | March 24, 2021

After over 15 years in Marketing and trying out several types of software and apps, I’ve finally found the perfect tool for my full-service creative agency. CoSchedule Marketing Calendar allows you to easily organize ALL of Your Marketing into one content calendar. The tagline says it all “Get more done in less time with a CoSchedule content calendar.” and it’s true.

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Your Legacy: People over Prospects

By LegacyCollectiveCo | March 22, 2021

This is Part II of our series on what it means to build your legacy. We are not filling a vault, we are creating an archive. Giving people access to our knowledge, expertise, and wisdom. In today’s excerpt, we are exploring what it means to treat our customers as people, not just prospects.

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Your Legacy: An Introduction

By LegacyCollectiveCo | March 8, 2021

Welcome to our Newsletter. If you’re new to the collective, hi! If not, then we are glad you’re staying connected. This whole thing exists to help you establish sustainable rhythms and foundations so you can build things that last in your life. This week we are starting a short series about the foundational values behind…

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Everyone Is Creative; even if they aren’t artistic.

By LegacyCollectiveCo | January 6, 2021

“In the beginning, God created…”maybe that’s not your personal belief (it happens to be mine), but it is a good example of what I want to share with you about your nature as a creative being. Because I am a full-time artist, designer, and entrepreneur, it is easy for people to look at me and…

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Announcing Legacy Co. New Year New Name

By LegacyCollectiveCo | December 31, 2020

Whether you’re new to the [CO] llective or a long-time friend, we don’t take for granted the privilege it is to connect with you. With that said, it’s time for the year in review for Legacy, Co., and a few announcements. If you’re new around here, first let me welcome you to the family 😉. Legacy, Co.…

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V3 Ministries | Humanifesto

By LegacyCollectiveCo | December 31, 2020

Some new client work for VU VI VO Ministries n Tampa, FL. The objective was to create a promotional short outlining the meta-narrative behind the Manifesto for life and beauty which has become the ethos for their community. The result is a 1:00 trailer using footage that embodies the invitation to become champions of shalom.…

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Advent Series: Live Interview

By LegacyCollectiveCo | December 16, 2020

In this video, Tehillah Hartman of Being Salt goes live on Instagram with KC Clark from The Legacy Collective. They discuss their collaboration for The Advent Series as well as other topics related to creativity and spirituality.

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A Blessing for Your Creative Space

By LegacyCollectiveCo | December 15, 2020

As artists our creative space is important. It’s where we work out our ideas into unique expressions. It’s where we get silent and lean into the muse. It’s also where we sometimes rant and cuss because our work is going through the 💩 stage 🤬. But most importantly it is where we embody our God-given…

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