Creating Safe Spaces for Artists: An Interview with KC Clark

Artist and Theologian Makoto Fujimura says we need cultural “estuaries,” ecosystems, where artists are safe, supported, and invited to speak the truth in love. Artists see elements of our cultural landscape we may ignore or rush past. In this way their gift is prophetic. At their best, they call us to truth and love. I believe it will be artists and the arts, functioning in this prophetic way, that will help to lead us forward from this dark and divided cultural moment. If this is to be true, we need a deeper understanding and appreciation for artists and their gifts.

Chief Curator KC Clark of Legacy, Co. sits down with Zach Elliot, the host of LAB: the podcast to talk about artists leading the way forward and learn how we can help create and contribute to an ecosystem where the arts flourish.

KC Clark is a maker + storyteller using digital and mixed-media to depict concepts of faith and culture. He is also a mentor and coach to young artists. He is the founder of Legacy, Co., a collective of makers + storytellers, a full-service creative agency, and a home-based initiative to help creatives develop a healthy identity, explore creativity and build a strong community. He is a husband to Julie, and dad to 3 daughters and one son. He makes his home in Charlotte, NC.


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